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A Classical Music Dinner Show

August 3, 2010

I love classical music, but one of the things I hate most about classical music concerts is that most venues do not allow you to take your drink into the hall. Granted, most symphony halls are posh venues, and I don’t blame management for not wanting to have to clean up beer and wine spills in their lovely halls.

But it sure would be wonderful to hear a Mahler symphony with a glass of fine wine in your hand.  (This movement in particular. And I always thought this one sounded like a beer drinking song from a Rathskeller.) However, even if you could bring your drink in–would you really want to?

My experience with most classy venues is they serve terrible wine. OK, I understand they want to maximize their profits. But couldn’t they get a discount from a winemaker in exchange for some program space or even a placard at the bar?

Fortunately, the best place in town to have dinner while seeing a show–Anthology–has started a classical music program. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but the series has promise. You can read my review here. Mrs. Hertzog laughed loudly and frequently at this one, so I think you’ll enjoy it!

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