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Happy Birthday, John Cage

September 5, 2012

The page in Silence, by John Cage, which produced the title of my toy piano suite, Anything Therefore is a Delight. I was directed to this page and that particular line through a random number generator, and I could not have picked a better title

John Cage was born on this date 100 years ago.

The older I get, the more beauty and inspiration I find in Cage’s music. His compositions, writings, and thoughts have become essential parts of my life. I’ve written elsewhere on this site about how embracing chance procedures led me to a compositional breakthrough. The result, a toy piano suite, can be heard below.

A copy of the score, which is free to download, may be found here.

Go out and hear some of Cage’s music performed live this week., the official site of Cage’s estate, has an events list which you may find useful.

If no Cage works are being performed in your area, sit down somewhere–preferably a place on whose sounds you would never think to focus. Don’t talk. Don’t read. Don’t write. Just listen.

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