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Classical music Deathmatch: Igor Stravinsky vs. Arnold Schoenberg

January 13, 2012
You're a dead man, Stravinsky!

"I'ma bust a cap in yo ass, Stravinsky!"--Arnold Schoenberg self-portrait

Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg: towering geniuses of classical music, pitted against each other by critics and professors as the two great rivals of the early 20th-century. But take away Arnold’s filter-tips and Igor’s pince-nez, toss them in a metal cage, and let’s see who’s the last man standing—the dour Austrian professor who emancipated dissonance, or the tiny Russian conductor who boosted other composer’s musical styles like a kleptomaniac stealing ketchup packets.

Read the full article at the LA Weekly to find out who wins!

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