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I’m a Meme, Ma!

August 17, 2011

I’m always writing jokes in the margins of my books, and then I pick the book up after 20 years and see something I had completely forgotten I’d written, and it just kills me. For instance, last weekend I opened my dictionary to look up the word “percipient” and saw this instead:

Persian cat

(It’s an old dictionary.)

So imagine my surprise when I viewed this list of wisenheimer responses to signs which has been forwarded around the Internet lately, and discovered something I had written and then completely forgotten:

You're Out of Order!

My epitaph should read, “Gave Away All His Best Material For Free”

  1. That was funny. By the way, speaking of “percipient,” I think that the oddest pair of homonyms are incipience and insipience. The incipience of my insipience has long since passed and is fully developed.

  2. That link was freakin’ funny! Loved your late 70’s movie reference – I’d be busting buttons with pride at having been included in that list if I were you!

  3. My Slovak and Polish grandparents would disagree, but pride is pretty worthless if you can’t put food on the table. I’ve spent my whole life doing throwaway jokes like that, and seeing it repeated in a semi-viral thing on the Internet is too damned strange.

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