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The Dutch-mens Pedigree

August 30, 2010

or A relation, shewing how they were first bred, and descended from a horse-turd, which was enclosed in a butter-box. Together with a most exact descripton of that great, huge, large, horrible, terrible, hideous, fearful, … prodigious, preposterous horse that shit the same turd; who had two faces on one head, the one somwhat resembling the face of a man, the other the face of a horse, the rest of his body was like the body of an horse, saving that on his shoulders he had two great fish finns like the finns of whales, but far more large: he lived somtime on land, but most in water; his dyet was fish, roots, … A very dreadful accident befel him, the fear hereof set him into such a fit of shiting, that he died thereof: … Also how the Germans following the directions of a conjurer, made a very great box, and smeared the in-side with butter, and how it was filled with the dung which the said monstrous horse shit: out of which dung within nine days space sprung forth men, women, and children; the off-spring whereof are yet alive to this day, and now commonly known by the name of Dutchmen; as this following relation will plainly manifest

This is quite possibly my favoritest broadsheet ever printed: a fine example of ethnic-bashing in 17th-century England.

To see a PDF of the complete broadsheet, click here

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  1. christophermcnally permalink

    I had a Jewish professor from New York City who once told me that there was a saying in NYC that “The Irish hate everybody, and everybody hates the Puerto Ricans.” Which was another way of saying that “Shit runs downhill.” Everyone belongs to a group of people that another group of people hates. So as odd as it may seem today, the English had to hate someone back in the 17th century and I guess it had to be the Dutch. Who everyone knows are no fucking good bastards.

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